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Street Furniture 

Outdoor seating, benches, tables, litter bins & ash trays, bollards, fences, tree protectors, flower planters, bike racks & shelters, drinking fountains, covers & grates, even street lighting. Direct from our suppliers or bespoke made, we have it covered!


The products shown on this page are just a very small selection of what’s inside our Street Furniture E-Brochure. Feel free to click and browse and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch, and let us find it for you.

Street Furniture

Our main manufacturer and supplier of street furniture is Benito. They are a world leader in the urban equipment industry and supply to more than 50 countries. Every phase of the production process is controlled in house and they produce more than 6,000 catalogue items, 500 patents and an accessible and democratic design philosophy that upholds a commitment to quality and innovation in adapting its products to market and end user needs. We also deal directly with UK manufacturers who specialise in ‘bespoke’ street furniture – So if you are looking for something different and you haven’t seen it in our e-brochure, please get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Our Street Furniture catalogue includes many of the following product types and offers a great deal of specification and technical information.

Outdoor Street Furniture


  • Seating, Benches and Tables
  • Litter Bins & Ashtrays
  • Bollards & Fences
  • Tree Protectors & Flower Planters
  • Bike Rack, Shelters and Drinking Fountains
  • Street Lighting
  • Covers & Grates

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