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Office Pods, Booths & Privacy Seating 

Office pods and booths seating offer an ideal solution for meetings, training, office work & phone calls in any open plan office or breakout space!


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Office Pods, Booths & Privacy Seating

Office Pods are a modular furniture solution to create a room within a room. Office pods offer increased acoustics isolation and privacy for meetings, training, office work & phone calls. The pods are built around a screen panel frame & are linked together to create a room or series of rooms without the need for any wall fixings, making the pods a great demountable acoustic solution.

Office Booths are upholstered acoustic office screens shaped to enclose the user or users to reduce travelling sound. Acoustic office booths offer the workplace an alternative space where a co-worker can make a quick phone call or short video conferencing call. Work hubs create slightly larger areas where a user can work or even meet in a small team. Both booths & hubs are easily to relocate should the workspace need to change.

Privacy Seating adds additional sound absorbing surfaces to the workspace & can create divides & quieter spaces for work or meetings. Acoustically upholstered high-backed soft seating reduces the need for building partition walls. Acoustic privacy sofas are an inviting space for meetings, small group training, somewhere to work or to grab a coffee with a colleague.

The acoustic seating uses a special flame-retardant sound absorbing foam which is then upholstered with a Crib5 fabric, allowing travelling sound to enter the weave & absorbed by the foam. Leather & vinyl upholstery can be used on the seat pads for breakout areas to help prevent coffee & food spills, but this will also reduce the acoustic properties.

Acoustic office furniture becoming extremely popular, especially in open plan workspaces. It can be placed almost anywhere within the office environment & have multiple uses to aid the workforce. Acoustic armchairs & privacy sofas can be positioned individually for private work or phone calls or positioned & linked together to create larger team collaboration areas for teamwork, meetings & training. Many sofa ranges include linking walls which create booths. The upholstered walls can have Smart TV’s built in for video conferencing or presentations. Acoustic sofas such as banquette seating can also be used in the breakout area with integral tabling.

The new Studio range of acoustic pods is truly a product for every occasion.

Split into three defined ranges, the Studio Pod system includes the StudioWork study area range, StudioBooth seating pods and the StudioSpace designed to create segmented meeting areas in open plan offices.

Constructed from a plywood, aluminium and acoustic foam linkable surround system, the Studio range is an aesthetic and economical solution to the issue raised in open plan office environments.

The Studio range is split into three defined ranges:

Studio Work – personal work and study

Studio Booth – working as a group with an element of privacy

Studio Space – segmented meeting areas for open plan offices



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