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Modular & Soft Seating 

Our modular and soft seating is perfect for use in breakout areas and waiting areas for offices, educational establishments, transport hubs and within the healthcare sector!


The products shown on this page are just a very small selection of what’s inside our Soft Seating Collection E-Brochure. The link below contains our Soft Seating Collection. For more Office, Retail & Healthcare products, please see the drop-down E-Brochure menu above where you will also find our Office & Breakout Area Seating, Ergonomic Chairs Desks & Accessories,Seating Desking Pods & Screens and Mesh Chairs E-brochures. Feel free to click and browse and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch, and let us find it for you.

Modular & Soft Seating

Soft office seating offers many uses & can be situated in various locations. Choose from our many seating models which are all available in high quality fabrics, leathers or faux leathers

Lounge chairs & armchairs offer a more private seating position & can be dotted around the workspace. Singular chairs can be positioned in a circle to form a meeting area or used independently with a laptop table as a workplace. Lounge & office armchairs have multiple uses &some have matching sofas available.

Office sofas in high quality fabric upholstery, leather or faux leather can be used in larger waiting, breakout or managerial offices. Sofas offer a larger sitting area for relaxation, work or one to one informal conversation.

High back sofas, armchairs & banquette seating all offer increased privacy for work, relaxation or meetings. High back acoustic armchairs invite relaxation at times of break or for reading whilst larger acoustic sofas increase the useable space for meetings or training. When 2 high back sofas are used adjacent to each other, a room like setup is created which decreases the demands on meeting rooms. Banquette seating is often found within the breakout area, used for lunch time or coffee breaks, but can also be used for an ad-hoc workspace out of break times. Banquette sofas have also been popular within the office space inviting regular use & a space to get away from the desk.

Modular seating allows the user to change the seating layout to fit any spatial obscurities that may exist & also allows future reconfiguration. Landscape seating is similar to the modular design & offers a mixture of different seating or leaning levels. Landscape seating can be located in areas of passing such as large open corridors or a large open space such as the open plan office or atrium. Both modular & landscape seating are inviting for co-workers & guests to use for brief social & work-related interactions.

Our modular and soft seating is also very popular for use in breakout and waiting areas for educational establishments, transport hubs and within the healthcare sector where we can include special healthcare fabrics which have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

Whatever your space maybe, we can provide a perfect seating solution.


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