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Desks and Accessories 

We offer a complete range of workstations& accessories, executive desks, and modular desking solutions for every office space!


The products shown on this page are just a very small selection of what’s inside our Seating Desking Pods & Screens E-Brochure. The link below contains our Seating Desks Pods & Screens. For more Office, Retail & Healthcare products, please see the drop-down E-Brochure menu above where you will also find our Office & Breakout Area Seating, Ergonomic Office Furniture, Soft Seating Collection and Mesh Chairs E-brochures. Feel free to click and browse and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch, and let us find it for you.

Desks & Accessories

Office desks form an integral part of your workplace environment. They not only house workstations, computers, paperwork and more, but they also give your staff a place to lay out documents and drawings; creating impromptu meeting and discussion spaces. Different jobs require different sized desks. Those with admin and paper-heavy jobs need larger desks, whilst occasional computer users and those who primarily do field work can get by with much smaller spaces.As a rule, it’s better to slightly overestimate the amount of space your employees need – this will help to provide additional flexibility and capacity for if things change.  Having said that, office IT equipment is getting more space efficient, with slimmer monitors, smaller computer towers and wireless technology reducing the need for space. F&S Contract Furniture supply a wide range of office desks, including budget, modular, cantilever, bench and executive desks for your office setup as part of a wider office design and refurbishment project.We can also supply systems furniture, from individual workspaces to team areas with shared benching.

The comfort of your employees can be further extended by installing a range of office furniture accessories that will make their working day that bit more comfortable.

It is vitally important that your employees are positioned correctly at their desk to maintain posture. Our desk monitor arms and screen holders can help your employees to position their monitor at the right height and angle. They are also a great space saver, as your monitor is not taking valuable space up on the desk, this in turn may also help you to reduce the size of desks that you require.

A newly refurbished office also needs to be neat and tidy! Our desk cable and duct management solutions, along with desk mounted power and data sockets can help to keep your office in that showroom condition.

Office storage, cupboards, shelving, pedestals, drawers and personal lockers can help to keep your office space net and tidy, as well as defining departments and work zone spaces. They have multiple uses and are an important part of your workspace.

F & S supply many other office accessories and ergonomic aids as follows:


  • Arm & Wrist rests
  • CPU Holders
  • Document Holders
  • Foot stands
  • Headsets & Telephones
  • Laptop & Tablet stands
  • Lumbar supports and rolls
  • Mice, Keyboards & Touchpads
  • Monitor stands & arms
  • Posture back supports
  • Hi-vis and Monster upper-case Keyboards
  • Integral power and charging points

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