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Case Goods 

For all aspects of hotel bedroom furniture, student accommodation and for all budgets, we have it covered!


The products shown on this page are just a very small selection of what’s inside our Case Goods e-Brochures. The link below contains our Case Goods Hotel E-Brochure. For Student & Economy Case Goods E-Brochure, please see the drop-down menu above. Feel free to click and browse and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch, and let us find it for you.

All our case goods furniture manufacturing is based in the UK, with some key component products such as glass or hardware imported from a more economic source when required, thereby gaining a pricing advantage we can pass onto our clients.

We have divided these products into two ranges the first being student and economy furniture and the second being hotel bedroom furniture. Due to the flexibility of design and manufacturing possibilities the two ranges do crossover with bespoke made solutions which allows us to be able to offer you great quality furniture which is unique to your hotel and at a price that caters for all budget types.

Student & Economy

Our economy range is manufactured primarily in high quality MFC with a choice of wood grain effect and colour finishes. We also supply goods using materials such as MFMDF, Laminate, Solid Wood, Real Wood Veneers, Metal and Glass and more to meet the requirements of the project.

Our economy range was originally produced for the student residential market and was therefore designed with durability, longevity and affordability in mind. The range has since proved to be extremely popular within the hospitality industry with many hoteliers taking advantage of the high quality, durability, flexibility in design and low price.

Although we offer a standard economy range as illustrated within our e-brochures, the majority of our supply is bespoke manufactured to some degree. Whether it be an alternative decorative finish, made to fit unit sizes or a completely unique style of furniture altogether, we are able to provide you with furniture which will be practical, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing to you and your overnight guests or residents.

Whatever the size of your project and whether you need help with designing something unique or you already have designs in mind, please get in touch so we can offer you our best service and price.

Hotel Bedroom Furniture

Our Hotel case goods ranges are manufactured primarily in either Ash or Oak real wood veneers, Laminate and high quality MFC as illustrated in our e-brochures, however we also supply goods using MFMDF, Solid Wood, Metal and Glass to meet your requirements.

Although we offer three standard ranges of real wood veneered bedroom furniture, the majority of our supply is bespoke manufactured to some degree. Once again this means we are able to provide you with unique furniture which will be practical, affordable and aesthetically pleasing to you and your valued hotel guests.


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